Exclusive Cozy Throw Blanket Eat, Live Nourish ICJUK Peacock Moon


Introducing the ICJUK Peacock Moon design, crafted with love and care to bring warmth and tranquility into your space. 💖 Originally designed for my dear Mum, Jenny, during her time of illness, this throw blanket holds a special place in my heart. Now, it’s available for you to bring comfort and solace to your loved ones.

ℹ️ Featuring a fusion of British spring garden blooms and Claire Jane’s mesmerizing Peacock Moon graphic, this blanket is not just a piece of fabric, but a symbol of hope, healing, and mindfulness. 🌺✨

🌿 Dive into the transformative practice of Transcendental Meditation with this unique wearable art. Claire Jane’s dedication since 2012 shines through in every detail, infusing this piece with the essence of peace and serenity.

✨ Whether you’re seeking solace during challenging times or simply looking to enhance your daily routine, this throw blanket serves as a gentle reminder of the profound effects of meditation. Let its soothing colors and tranquil silhouette envelop you in a cocoon of calmness.

🎁 Gift this exclusive blanket to a friend or family member in need of comfort – it’s the perfect alternative to traditional flowers, offering warmth and solace that lasts a lifetime.

Fabulous unique Throw Blanket with Claire Jane’s exclusive designs printed on one side, soft white on the backside.  This blanket is super silky soft to touch and makes a perfect gift.  This piece will be a conversational piece in any room or wonderful for that afternoon nap or chilly nights at the beach, so fun and vibrant. Machine washable made with 100% Poly.

Choose from a selection of designs or contact Claire Jane to have her make you one with your favorite ICJUK / Ocean Anarchy Designs.

Please allow up to 5 – 7 days for shipping as these are custom made to order.

Size 50″ x 60″


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