Glamour Royale – Handcrafted Casino Inspired Handbag by Claire Jane


“Glamour Royale” Handcrafted Casino Inspired Handbag by Claire Jane. This one-of-a-kind masterpiece combines elegance, playfulness, and a touch of seductive allure.  The handbag’s casino-inspired design features a striking red feather trim, reminiscent of the vibrant atmosphere and glamour of a casino floor. The feathers add a luxurious and captivating element that sets this bag apart from the rest.

As you open the magnetic clasp, you’re greeted with a delightful surprise—a wild red lips lining that adds a bold and flirtatious twist to the interior. The unexpected pop of red lips against a contrasting background creates an intriguing juxtaposition, symbolizing both confidence and mystery.

Meticulously handcrafted with a cotton exterior fabric, the “Glamour Royale” handbag is a testament to Claire Jane’s exceptional attention to detail and commitment to quality. The choice of cotton not only ensures durability but also provides a soft and comfortable feel, making it a pleasure to carry wherever you go.

The bag’s 31″ strap is designed for both style and functionality, allowing you to wear it with ease and grace throughout the day. Its square dimensions of approximately 11″ x 11″ create a visually appealing silhouette that effortlessly catches the eye. This versatile size ensures you can carry your essentials while making a bold fashion statement.

The “Glamour Royale” Handcrafted Casino Inspired Handbag by Claire Jane is a true testament to individuality and style. It embodies the spirit of a confident and adventurous woman who embraces her unique charm.


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