ICJUK Peace Love Courage Large All over Print all purpose Tote Bag


Fabulous, vibrant Tote Bag –  It’s large, comfy and printed, cut and hand sewn to order. Made from 100% polyester fabric. Large inside pocket. Cotton webbing handles.  Available in one size only. 16″ x 20″

Peace Love & Courage- I designed this about 10 years ago, being happy I was finally doing something that I enjoyed and loved, I created this design to express what I was feeling. I want women everywhere of all ages to be able to wear this design and feel empowered and inspired that they can do anything and follow their dreams. This is very personal and several charity events have used this design as it carries a strong message.

Peace- For Inner Peace to ALL

Love-For MYSELF and to ALL

Courage- To follow my dreams and JUST BE!

Along with a courageous and uplifting message, the design color is printed in a Honeysuckle ink with the color significance meaning: “Energizing Honeysuckle lifts spirits and imparts confidence to meet life’s ongoing challenges.

Custom printed to order, so please allow up to 5 -7 days for shipping.



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