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Rock & Roll Fashion and Wearable Art

Rock & Roll Fashion and Wearable Art

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Joe Elliott Wearing ICJUK Tee in Concert

  • The t-shirts and crystal t-shirt that I ordered arrived promptly and were beautifully packaged – quite a feat given that I’m in Scotland! I love the designs and the extra little gifts enclosed bring to mind the Japanese level of customer service. Claire Jane is a pleasure to do business with – highly recommendedGillian April 2012
  • I own an ICJ tank top and just love how it brings out my inner rock star…when in reality, I’m changing diapers and chasing a small human around the house all day. Oh, and I also have a customized ICJ headband to match our daughter’s “fancy” dress she wore for her preschool holiday show last year. She looks darling in it and loves to stare at her reflection in the mirror, any mirror, when she’s wearing it because she’s a “fairy princess!Annette April 2012
  • I have purchased many t shirts form Claire Jane. I first saw them on Joe Elliott at a concert and knew I had to have one then when I went to the website I could not believe the styles on it I bought for myself and my wife, she also loves them. Thanks I feel the luck when I wear them. Dean April 2012
  • I Love Claire Jane’s style and personal attention every time I place an order, from the time I place the order until I receive it its great. I always wondered were Joe Elliott got the shirts he wears on stage and Thanks to CJ I can. Thank you CJ!!Juan Crisantes April 2012
  • You’re always going to have a good day when a parcel arrives at your door from Claire Jane first thing in the morning! Good quality material, original designs, professional packaging, fast international postage and always a little surprise with each delivery! Claire Jane is personable, polite and highly recommended.Christopher Sporer (Def Leppard fan) – Canberra, Australia April 2012
  • I attend an annual 1930s themed party and Claire Jane helped me bring a touch of elegance to my outfit through one of her gorgeous fascinators.  Claire provided superior customer service and helped me chose a piece that would work with my hair type and price point.  I also bought a scarf and it instantly became one of my favorite accessories…it is soft and has a beautiful blend of colors.  My 8 year-old daughter is a huge fan of Claire’s head bands and cannot wait until we place the next order.Amy April 2012
  • Inspired by Claire Jane is fashion forward hip, modern and contemporary. I absolutely LOVE her tees and purses! The quality of her merchandise is superb and her designs make me feel like a rock star!CJ Borden ~ Singer/Songwriter ~ Mixed Media Artist ~ Art Creations by CJ
  • I have been an ICJ client and fan from the inception. Claire’s “Black Swan”Feather bag as I named it I love because of its gothic embellishments, it fits as a perfect compliment to my evening looks. And is my favorite bag to make a unique and unforgettable statement.Maryanne Bilham, Photographer May 2012
  • I have been an ICJ client and fan from the inception. Claire’s “Black Swan”Feather bag as I named it I love because of its gothic embellishments, it fits as a perfect compliment to my evening looks. And is my favorite bag to make a unique and unforgettable statement.Fred Stahl, LA Feb 2012
  • I bought the two Joe Elliott shirts. Great stuff and Claire Jane couldn’t be sweeter sending them to me here in Sweden.Henrik Lundberg, Sweden April 2012
  • What can I say about ICJ and Claire Jane Vranian? The quality of her her work is impeccable. Her designs are one of a kind and beyond being on trend, she IS the trend setter. From the first union jack tee to the last handbag, I am always thrilled. Her tees are unique and very “rock ‘n roll”. The feathered handbags are perfect for dinner out, going to a club, concert or black tie affair. There is nothing like them out there. They are beyond unique and you will find yourself planning your wardrobe around them. It is always a pleasure to go to her website peruse and find a unique treasure awaiting you. Try it, you won’t be sorry!Lorraine Holt Feb 2012
  • I first was introduced to Inspired By Claire Jane from a friend of mine who is 3000 miles away on the other coast. She told me that Claire’s shirts were great and that I had to see for myself. Well, I trusted my friend and wasn’t disappointed. So much so that I have ordered again and cannot wait to get the new design that Claire created. My first purchase was a V-Neck T shirt. I was a little nervous as I generally wear an XXL and didn’t know how true to the size the shirt would be. Claire and I spoke and she had me measure one of my other shirts that I own. I took a mass produced popular t shirt brand and was surprised that Claire’s measurements were larger than this one. I felt comfortable and placed the order with her.I have gotten a number of complliments on that shirt, which is ironic being a guy, but hey, that’s cool. That persuaded me to order a regular crew T- shirt this time. Once again, no disappointment. And the really cool thing is that I have a friend that is a huge Def Leppard fan and she is jealous that I have two shirts that Joe Elliott wears…(I gave her Claire’s info so I am sure her, Joe and I will have matching shirts before I know it!) Anyway, as a picky New Yorker, I would recommend Claire’s shirts. The quality is definitely there and the designs rock!Scott, DJ April 2012
  • I’m a UK customer who is lucky enough to own several of Claire Jane’s creations & what amazing creations they are!! You won’t find anything like them on the high street or anywhere else for that matter! They are beautiful, unique & of course rock ‘n’ roll!! The t-shirts & tanks are very high quality, they are super soft, super comfortable, they wash really well & hold their shape & there is a great range of ICJ designs to choose from which you can team up with your favourite old pair of jeans or a nice skirt. I can also highly recommend the scarves which are also very versatile & can easily be used to dress up or dress down an outfit & again are made from high quality, beautifully soft material. I also own an ICJ fascinator which is amazing! I recently saw some mass produced ones in a well known department store & there was no comparison, Claire Jane’s fascinators are in a different league, not only are they one of a kind, they are unusual, beautiful & very well made. You can have the option of a headband or clip, Claire Jane will make one to match your outfit & you can have all that fabulous-ness & personal service for what I consider to be an extremely reasonable price! I honestly don’t know where to start when it comes to the handbags & I was never a handbag kind of a girl before I clapped eyes on Claire Jane’s cutomised vintage creations!!! They are completely gorgeous, elegant, radically distinctive & without equal. Every woman should own at least one! They are definately something which can be handed down from mother to daughter for many years. This now brings me to the level of customer service provided by Claire Jane, which is without question second to none. Orders are despatched quickly, packaged really well with items wrapped in funky tissue paper & Claire Jane personally checks your order has arrived & whether you are happy with everything. Every parcel I have received has had a hand written note & a little suprise gift enclosed!! So get yourself over to the ‘purchase’ pages & give your credit card a work out, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!!Claire Silcock, UK April 2012
  • I absolutely love ICJ! I am the proud owner of many t-shirts, handbags and a scarf and am always complimented when I wear them. The designs are so unique, attention to detail flawless and they are great quality. Thank you Claire Jane!Nathalie Bundy, UK April 2012
  • I have started my special collection of ICJ T-shirts and scarves! I just love everything that Claire makes and so does everyone else! Course, being British I love the UJs ! Any time that I have a gig or a public appearance I only need to reach for one of my ICJ shirts and am immediately transformed into the moment! Thanks Claire!!Phil Soussan, LA May 2012
  • I was totally impressed with my purchase from “Inspired By Claire-Jane”. I was delighted, not only with the ladies Lions Crest and Wings t-shirts which were of excellent quality and beautifully designed, but also the attention to detail in the whole order. The t-shirts were carefully wrapped and enclosed a thank-you card along with some complimentary costume jewelry items. Claire-Jane is a pleasure – she is warm, friendly and really cares about her customers. A truly great experience – a fantastic designer with wonderful service to her customers.Christine Christy April 2012
  • I am a huge Def Leppard fan and I remember when I first “stumbled” across the lion’s crest and wings design on a picture of Joe Elliott on Facebook. I wondered, and commented, on a post, who designed his tee shirt. Claire Jane popped up and said she had. From that moment on, I have ordered nearly every shirt or tank top she has designed, I also have enjoyed several of her scarves and hair fascinators, as does my daughter! I have adored each and every item I have ordered and always look forward to CJ’s next design! These items are top notch in quality and the designs are like NOTHING in my closet!:)I love having these fun designs in my wardrobe to turn to, like Claire Jane says, “rocking and shocking”….Sarah Constable June 2012
  • More than happy with CJ's fantastic designs, creative ideas and ability to come through with the final product on time and on budget. Both her masculine and feminine designs were right on target.Rick Melick Feb 2012
  • I love ICJ! I wear her tanks, tees, and long sleeve tees. They're edgy, fit really well, and the quality is excellent.Samantha Ratcliffe-D’Arrigo April 2012
  • Inspired By Claire Jane totally ROCKS! I am the proud owner of several ICJ shirts, a ladie's "Union Jack w/ Hearts & Wings" thermal hoody (which is so incredible soft and comfy!) and a long sleeved ladie's "Peace, Love & Courage" tee.  Inspired By Claire Jane shirts are my absolute favorite to wear & the quality is superb !!! Claire Jane is amazing and her customer service could not be better. I highly recommend ICJ & everyone should have an ICJ shirt in their wardrobe, or better yet....several !! I'm placing an order for another ICJ shirt right now !!! Order yours today!! You won't be disappointed and you will be sure to become a regular customer like me !!!Jody Best April 2012
  • During my time as Director of Marketing at Samsung, Claire provided many different styles that were very well received by myself and key celebrity/celebrity influencers. Her styles are very unique and creative,while she is also able to work individual with each of her clients to ensure her styles can be incorporated to meet their needs. The people who have chosen to wear her designs range from housewives to rock stars...and in every case her items are produced with high quality at affordable prices for any group or individual.Scott Whiteker Feb 2012
  • I have almost every Tee that Claire has designed. I LOVE THEM! Love the quality and the design! Getting ready to order her latest design that she came out w/. Not to brag but I look good in them! HA! Love the way they fit. Not all boxy like other Tees.Hank T. April 2012
  • My wife has purchased some of Claire's items as gifts for business associates and each time her work was superb.  Claire provided some of her creations for a charity event in London for the Japan earthquake and the sale of these resulted in funds being raised to help the victims.She is friendly professional and her merchandise of exceptional quality.Martin Mercer May 2012
  • I now own 4 ICJ handbags and 1 tank for me, 1 tee for my Hubby. I'm a real girly girl so when I saw CJ's handbags I was giddy over their uniqueness and femininity!!! I love my handbags so much and feel so special every time I carry them. I get SO MANY compliments and I hand out ICJ business cards left and right. The quality is amazing, the talent and creativity is perfect and Miss Claire Jane is a beautiful British angel!!! :D love your wearable artwork and love you - looking forward to adding to my collection! Love love love ICJ!!!!! Wooohooooo!!!!Barbara April 2012
  • Inspired by Claire Jane handbags are wearable art. I'm the proud of owner of two ICJ handbags and each handbag is one-of-a-kind with Claire's rare and impressive spin on 'gorgeous' put into each piece. Whether it be the feathers, the clasp, the lining, the detail or the overall design, she makes each piece unique and each one tells a story. I have never felt more beautiful than when I have an ICJ handbag on my arm. I get stopped by strangers and complimented nearly everywhere I go when I have my ICJ handbag with me. Her creations are fresh and dazzling and are true to task at making every woman feel stunning. Her tees are what I like to call Rocker Chic. Claire's line of rockin' tees are edgy while still remaining classy and beautiful. I'm happy to report that even after washing, they do not shrink, remain soft and never fade! I also have one hair fascinator that just sparkles on my head when worn and I have an ICJ scarf that is the perfect accessory to any outfit I wear. ICJ designs are a wonderful compliment to any outfit on any occasion. Whether it be her handbags, shirts, scarves or fascinators, every piece that Claire makes is so special. Feel inspired and get yours today!Ray Ray Serpico, Monterey May 2012
  • There is so much to love about ICJ…Claire’s signature Tees, her stunning fascinators, and her gorgeous purses are just a few. Claire Jane continues to amaze me with her incredible talent and vision. Her attention to detail is superb, and her ability to spot new trends is dead on. Every time Claire comes out with something new I fall in love all over again.  An ICJ Tee is my favorite go to staple – they’re sexy, edgy, and super comfortable.  When I want to glam it up I’ll accessorize with a one-of-a-kind ICJ vintage handbag, and if it’s a special occasion I’ll wear my ICJ fascinator to add a touch of elegance. Whenever I’m rockin’ something from ICJ someone always comments on how fabulous it is and wants to know where to get it. I proudly tell them it’s an Inspired By Claire Jane creation and direct them to her site. Everything Claire makes is beautiful, unique, and of excellent quality. I’m a HUGE fan!Nikki Neil (Fashion Blogger) April 2012
  • Claire Jane’s designs are without parallel. Some people go through the world with rose-colored glasses on; not Claire Jane. Instead, hers make her see where our world could be more beautiful or rock-funky. Or in the case of some of her purses or hair fascinators, both at once. Her hair fascinators are a glorious celebration of elegance and attitude for your head. Whether it’s for a special occasion or just to rejoice in your wonderful self, ICJ has a design for it. And if not, Claire Jane will happily make just what you’re looking for. Even if you don’t quite know what that is. If you can picture it in your head, Claire Jane will make sure you can clip it on the outside of it. ICJ handbags are simply drool worthy. Who knew a practical necessity could look so damn amazing? All of her bags are vintage… y’know, back when they made things of excellent quality that last. She applies her magic with flowers, jewels, brooches and funkier rock-n-roll bits, and of course the feathers that are selected and arranged so beautifully that even peacocks are jealous. Everywhere that I wear one of my many ICJ tees and tanks, I get both complimented and asked where to get one (of course, they get one of Claire Jane’s cards!). They’re gossamer-soft and comfortable, edgily chic and anything but off-the-rack. I swear, they get softer with each wash, and I have yet to see one fade. The blacks stay velvety and smooth, and the colors have not noticeably lost any of their punch. Her newest design, the ICJ UK Musicfest (Peace Love Rock) looks both fresh and reminiscent of a 1960’s rock festival poster. One which I want to go to… every weekend.  Barring that, I’ll just tug on my Musicfest v-neck, turn up the stereo and make each day a festival. Thanks for the inspiration, Claire Jane. You make just getting dressed for the day a special occasion.Stephanie Kisner April 2012
  • I have purchased a number of shirts and scarves from ICJUK. I get compliments, without fail, everytime I wear them. CJ is a one woman operation and it is evident that she puts her heart and soul into every aspect of her work. Her clothes are fun, yet sophisticated and I can flaunt my favorite band anytime I feel like it. The best part is, if you happen be at a DL show, and you happen to be close enough, and you happen to be wearing the same shirt as Mr. Elliott, he might just look at you and say "Nice shirt Honey.Nicole, New York July 2012
  • ICJUK designs are as beautiful as they are unique...chiq and classy. Claire Jane is always an absolute pleasure to do business with...a consummate professional. I have several of her shirts, scarves and necklaces. Everything is of excellent quality not to mention how soft the t-shirts are...I love every single piece I have from her collection. Orders arrive quickly and are packaged so beautifully...I love all the little 'extras' too. I'm looking forward to adding new ICJUK pieces to my wardrobe.Randi Davis, Arizona Aug 2012
  • I have purchased a tank, scarf and custom made purse from Inspired by Claire Jane. Not only do I get compliments everytime I wear her designs, but they show my fun side and make me feel like I am wearing art. I am planning on purchasing more for myself and friends and I am proud to be an Inspired by Claire Jane addict.Sydney, LA Aug 2012
  • I am rather a new client of Claire Jane's, and Im a huge Def Leppard fan and got interested in her shirts over facebook, and started with one ....which has know turned into 6!! But Ive also looked at her other items and she has a awesome sense of style that Ive been looking for, Im a very picky person when it comes to clothing and what I like to wear and her designs are me to a T!! Not only that, I love the way she communicates with her customers, she is very inviting and she truley cares about each and every customer she deals with. She gives the best customer service I have EVER seen and probably will ever deal with!! I have never been disappointed with any of her purchases and get excited when I receive on in the mail, I highly recommend this lovely lady and her awesome fashions, you'd be insane not to buy anything from her!! I love my ICJ items ......She ROCKS!Rena, VA Aug 2012
  • I have purchased a number of shirts, handbag, brooch... and scarves from ICJUK. Everywhere that I wear one of my many ICJ tees and tanks, handbags, scarf...  I get both complimented and asked where to get one (of course, they get one of Claire Jane’s cards!).  Claire Jane continues to amaze me with her incredible talent and vision! The quality is amazing, the talent and creativity is perfect! They are beautiful, unique & of course rock 'n' roll!! I LOVE ICJUK ! Thank you Claire!! xoxoFlorine France Aug 2012
  • As a long vivid Joe Elliott/Def Leppard Fan.. I've always admired lately is style taste over the last few tours.. Hes been coming on stage with these awesome shirts.. And I love skulls and Union Jacks..So I looked around on my Joe Elliott fans Facebook Page, and there was a post about this young lady named Claire Jane who designed his shirt and that they can be purchased on her website. I bought my first Skull T-shirt on her website, and I've been hooked ever since.. The styles are just amazing.. She definitely has an awesome fashion taste and an incredible talent.. Thanxs girlie. for making the best clothing line EVER. and for making the "big man" look fantastic when he performs on stage with the Leppard boys MWAHHHHH XOXO ChristianChristine, FL Aug 2012
  • I received my first beautiful package from Claire Jane was better and even more gorgeous than I could have hoped for! The service from CJ was second to only took 5 working days to get to the UK from las Vegas......within an hour of me placing my order,CJ emailed me and said my parcel was ready to be shipped.....amazing!!!!!! As others have said,some extra gifts were in my parcel which was so,so kind and thinking about it I guess typical of CJ,because she is a lovely,friendly,beautiful lady who gives 100% to her ICJ creations and her customers.......many of us have become friends,that's how lovely she is. I ordered,amongst other things, CJ's new skulls galore is absolutely gorgeous,the fabric is so soft and the special mp3 pocket is brilliant! I wore it this afternoon and had two people-complete strangers- stop me and say how lovely my hoodie was and asked where I got it from! I felt really proud to be able to tell them about ICJ. If you love unique clothes that are made with love then ICJ is for you! I haven't purchased a handbag or fascinator yet......but I certainly will be doing in the near future,as well as many more beautiful tshirts. To sum up........fantastic original designs made with love and care by a fantastic original lady!!!! Order one of ICJ's will feel so special when you wear it! XoxoDebbie, Great Britian Aug 2012
  • I want to start by saying CJ is amazing. She has a wonderful eye for style and glitz. I am a hard "fit" but am always pleased with each and every piece I receive from CJ, her personal touches to each shipment are above and beyond Customer Service excellence. You no longer see the type of care she gives to her customers from other "stores" anymore, she really makes you feel special. I love the high quality beautiful pieces and the high quality beautiful lady, do yourself a favor and treat yourself to a Claire Jane original, you won't be sorry.Angi, VA Sept 2012
  • I am deeply impressed with the quality and beauty of the fascinator I had purchased recently. I wore it to a Polo event and many people were just in awe. Now I know exactly where I need to go to find the perfect accessory to my polo attire. Thank you for creating such beautiful and unique pieces. I look forward to purchasing more fascinators from you in the future. Sincerely, Brianna"Brianna, AZ, USA Oct 2012
  • I just received my first beautiful Clare Jane scarf... the size is so generous and it is soft as an angel's kiss.   l love the flag print with its clear but not too vibrant colours.  The style and colours would go with a huge variety of clothing, and it will keep you warm as well as look gorgeous!  Thank you, Claire Jane, for such wonderful design artistry and quality. Bright Blessings, LisaKay/CopperPennyLisaKay / CopperPenny Nov 2012
  • I found out about Claire Jane a few months ago while visiting Def Leppard’s website. I was curious to see her designs, and checked out her website. My five year old daughter immediately fell in love with Claire Jane, because she is also a huge Def Leppard fan, and she loved to see the pictures of Joe wearing Claire Jane’s designs. I of course loved the shirts and the scarves. I immediately liked Claire Jane’s Facebook page, and asked her if she thought about doing any designs for children, since she has some young little fans. I was truly impressed that she answered me right away. Since then, I have purchased shirts and scarves from Claire Jane on a few occasions. I enjoy looking at her other products too, although they are out of my budget, the handbags and hair fascinators are truly beautiful.  I am very pleased with the quality and affordability of her shirts and scarves. Claire Jane is not only a beautiful and talented woman; she is also very available to her clients, and answers emails regarding questions very quickly. I enjoy ordering from Claire Jane to support her business, and the service is very fast and friendly. It is nice to feel valued as a customer. She makes each customer feel special and includes little surprises, many of which have been for my young daughter, who is always as excited as I am to see what is in our package.Amanda Rosa, NM Nov 2012
  • I just placed my second order with you and am very happy with it.  Shipping has always been timely and your products are wonderful.  I absolutely love every piece i have purchased from you.  I look forward to purchasing more from you.Suzanne, Alabama Jan 2013
  • I have just received my order of 2 Joe Elliott stlye T-Shirts & I absolutely love them. I can’t believe it only took 1 week to get here from The States. The personel touches on the wrapping & a hand written thank you adds to the overall experience. Thank you so much & my wife loves the union jack scarf too.David Stallwood, Milton Keynes, England Jan 2013
  • I first became aware of Claire Jane thru her husband,my husband talked to him on the phone about a gift he was purchasing for me.They talked for a while and he told him about her web site and shirts.The following summer my girlfriend and I went to see Def leppard . Imagine our delight when we found out we could purchase a shirt just like the one our favorite front man was wearing,so for Christmas that year our husbands got us one. I was so impressed with the quality and workmanship.I have since bought several more shirts,hoodies, scarves and purses,not only for myself but for my friends.All her products are  of quality material and I will continue to buy from her in the future.Thank You Claire Jane for getting us that much closer to the rock stars we so dearly love.Kim Breegle, Ohio Jan 2013
  • Just got my stuff I ordered and wanted to say thank you. I am always beyond happy with everything and your customer service speaks volumes. You take very good care of your customers and it is always a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you, again!Joanna Patty Jan 2013
  • I first heard about Claire Jane on the Def Leppard website a few months ago, and I fell in love immediately with the Crystal Musicfest T~shirt! I was nervous about ordering however because I am plus size, and generally don't like to buy clothes without trying them on. Fast forward a couple months, and I go to Las Vegas for Viva Hysteria!!! I was absolutely thrilled to see Claire Jane's designs in the Hard Rock store! (was disappointed I missed Claire Jane though) They didn't have the Crystal Musicfest in the correct size, but they did have other designs in the correct size. I was able to hold one up and see that it would definitely fit. Within the week that I got home, I ordered the Crystal Musicfest AND the new Guitar Wings (it was the shirt Joe wore for the encore the night I went to the concert) in a v-neck, AND the Booty Scarf!!! I have been so thrilled with the products and the service! The scarf is HUGE!!! I could nearly wear it as a dress if I wanted too. The T-shirts are so soft and comfy also, they are very slimming on me. I also love the bracelet and my niece loves the hair bow I received with that order. I ordered a third shirt and second scarf as well and received them within three days of ordering them!!! I love the extras I got with that order as well! Getting a package from Claire Jane is as good as Christmas morning! :-) I also really like the quick responses and personal care that Claire Jane gives to every order and question! I definitely will be ordering more!Sara Kathleen Pyle~Happy Customer in Indiana April 2013
  • I first saw ICJUK inspired by Claire Jane on the Def Leppard website a few days before Viva Hysteria concert. I fell in love with her designs. I knew I did not have time to place an order for the Union Jack guitar handbag before leaving for Vegas. We arrived at Hard Rock Hotel where we were staying. I passed the Hard Rock shop and immediately saw ICJUK on display. I love the tees that I purchased. After returning home, I purchased the Union Jack scarf. I was shocked when it arrived so fast. I absolutely love the scarf. Claire is a very talented and gifted woman. I have recommended her website to all my friends and family. I will continue to order until I have a complete collection. That should tell you just how much I and everyone else love her designs.Kelli from Texas April 2013
  • I have several of ICJ's beautiful Hair fascinators and a ICJ Denim Jacket that I absolutely love!! Claire's work is outstanding and as beautiful as the woman herself! Next in line for me is one of her gorgeous handbags...makes me feel a bit like Royalty!!Linda, US May 2013
  • I found Claire Jane through a Facebook friend and immediately fell in love with her feathered purses. Then I discovered the Joe Elliott/CJ connection and I was hooked! My first CJ purchase was scarves to give as gifts-and they were a huge hit. I got the 'Booty' scarf before Booty used it on stage in Las Vegas :) and every time I wear it I get so many compliments. I've also ordered several t-shirts and can't say enough about them. Love how soft and vintage looking they are. I love that she includes extra goodies with each order-it makes it so much fun to see what extra's you'll get. And I look forward to the new designs! Sorry that I missed CJ in Las Vegas during the Viva Hysteria tour-but I did get to see her fun things at the Hard Rock. I hope to own one of CJ's fab feathered handbags before the next Def Leppard Vegas residency :)Anita Huffman May 2013
  • I love Inspired By Claire Jane! I have never had any problems with any of the products by the wonderful CJ. I have just about all the shirts, and a couple of scarves and a rock style leather purse, I love my products I bought, and everyone around me always compliments and asks me where I got my stuff. I always lead them to the Inspired By Claire Jane Website and Facebook page. Claire is also a very sweet and beautiful women, and her customer service skills is amazing along with her other talents. I love doing business with her! I have done business with her for about 2 years now since Def Leppard’s Mirrorball Tour  when the Union Jack with hearts and skulls shirt came out. It started as a gift from a family member that turned me into a continuing customer. All the shirts have fit perfect and are very comfortable, I was iffy about scarves, but now I love them and finding a new style for me, which has also brought more confidence for me. THANK YOU CLAIRE for everything and your beautiful work!Crystal Johnson “CJ” Colorado Springs, Colorado USA July 2013
  • When I saw Claire's Leopard Bronze Guitar Evening Bag I just knew it was for me. I am a HUGE fan of anything leopard print. It looked gorgeous on the website. But when it arrived and I saw it in person I was floored with how beautiful this bag really was. WOW.  From the creative blend of gorgeous colored feathers ranging from caramel brown/cream/black/black with a slight green sheen to the precise application of cloth leopard print flowers placed above the feathers. And then you have the stunning bronze guitar handle that just pulls the look of the bag all together. It is a true art piece. I keep my bag hung up on a special hook (at Claire's suggestion). And I use this bag on special occasions. It has both a handle and a strap which is great. And it adds a ton of PIZZAZZ to any outfit I use it with. This bag is special for two reasons. The first is because it was designed by Claire Jane using her unique talent of creating a beautiful vision in her head and then making it happen, and second because it is a true one of a kind. I get compliments on this bag from all of my friends, and strangers (both men & women). I will forever cherish this stunning art piece made by Claire Jane. Claire Jane makes it super easy to order. She packs everything so neatly and gets your order right out to you. It is such a treat whenever I order from her. She is wonderful with questions about her products.Maria, Boston – USA July 2013
  • I first learned about Claire Jane on her Facebook page “InspiredByClaireJane”. Her beautiful and unique designs caught my eye right away! I felt compelled to spread the word about her fashions. I pinned them on my Pinterest page and tweeted about her products. The fact that I’m a Def Leppard (Joe Elliott) fan just made it even better! I love her fashions; the ICJUK shirts are the best (I have several). They feel wonderful when you’re wearing them, not only because they are so comfortable, but they are also unique and fun to wear. I have also purchased a leopard-print scarf and “Guitar Wings” tote bag ~ I love it all. She has the best promotions and incentives to try her products ~ it’s a win-win situation for anyone to try any of her products. I look forward to purchasing the feather handbags and hair fascinators next. The customer service Claire Jane gives is so personalized and she makes you feel at ease right away. I’ve never met her in person, yet I feel as if I known her for quite some time. She goes above and beyond what you would expect when you purchase anything from her and she ships your order out so quickly. It’s just a pleasure doing business with her and her company. I will continue to purchase from her for a long time to come.  Julie Buehner, La Grange, KY (USA) ~ July 2013 July 2013
  • "I have acquired several pieces of what I consider Art. The feather purses are whimsical, beautiful, bewitching. I have given as gifts, kept, and use as decor in unexpected areas of my home. I add to my collection when I can! And I always find "extras" in my order! I have been in business over 35 years. Rarely does one find such quality and care in merchandising and production. Cheers and Thanks to Claire Jane. Now go order!"Denise Harrington Pfieger 2014 2014
  • ICJUK handbags are just the best!  I recently purchased two and am absolutely thrilled with each. One has black feathers, blue shabby chic roses and a Union Jack and one has black and pink feathers, pink shabby chic roses and guitar head embellishment.  Each of these extremely stylish bags is carefully made using high quality materials.  Both bags are very versatile - perfect for the evening but also look great with more casual wear such as jeans.  I get compliments wherever I go on both of these bags - while out shopping, at evening events or when having dinner. The size is enough to hold your essential items such as a credit card, cell phone and a lipstick!  They are easy to carry either on the shoulder by using the convenient long fabric cord strap or in your hand using the silver chromed top handles. I have always had a love of designer handbags and I can say that ICJUK handbags are by far the most beautiful and exclusive items that I own.  All my friends are in love with these bags and want one themselves.  I also have one of ICJUK's hair fascinators.  This too is beautifully and stylishly made and matches the pink guitar head handbag perfectly. The simple but modern shape of the fascinator is easily secured with the help of two clips and feels comfortable, light and airy when worn. Perfect for special occasions!
    Christine Christy 2014 2014
  • I love ICJUK! Great quality and service. I've shopped a couple times and love the little gifts she includes, and everything is wrapped so pretty! My hubby even got a couple things that he loves.Donna Harstad, Las Vegas, 2014 2014
  • I am a new customer to ICJUK. having found CJ on Facebook after seeing friends post about her fab Rock n Roll inspired tees I had to head over to Claire's site and take a look. That day I made my first of many orders in the 2 months I've been a customer. I ordered the Relax Its Just ICJUK, ICJUK Union Jack and purple Guitar Wings Dolman tees, the latter of which is the epitome of Rock N Roll. Since then I've added a Rock N Roll skull tee, thorn heart and butterflies summer tee and MusicFest and Peace, Love Courage hoody. The clothing is so soft and the designs retain their quality and shape wash after wash (I only ever put them in the dryer for 10 mins on low heat and hang to dry). I have mostly ordered sizes in a large and have found them quite roomy. My latest purchase today 'Its Only Rock n Roll, But I Like It' Black Dolman tee I ordered in medium and is a good fit and will look great with Jeans or leggings or summer shorts. Aside from the clothes Claire also designs exquisite fascinators and intricately designed vintage featherhandbags that make me want to gatecrash a wedding or go to the races just so I can have an excuse to buy themCath 2014
  • Love how quickly I receive my order. Claire Jane adds a personal touch that makes it special. The fabrics that Claire Jane chooses are the best, most soft against your skin. I wear my "Flaire" hoodie and my "Exploding Star" dolman tee all the time. I wear my fabulous scarves and leopard scarf top every chance I get. Claire Jane's designs are fabulous!! I visited ICJUK HQ with two of my friends while we were in Las Vegas. Claire Jane was warm and welcoming, very patient and extremely kind. It was a fabulous shopping experience.Kim Schulz June 2014
  • Claire is an amazing designer, I have four of her pieces. I wear "Joe's" Sweatshirt every morning and every evening, love it, I have three other t shirts and it is finally warm enough to wear them again. Need to buy some new ones. I love CJ's site, it is easy, fun and the clothes and bags are incredible. Your stuff is like eye candy, can't pick just one. I have fun getting the t shirts Joe wears onstage when I see him, it's always a fun thing. This is a fun place to shop!Jan Nicholas June 2014
  • I found exactly what I was looking for, and easily applied the coupon code. Top quality and always proud to wear them.Jennifer Pinkasavage June 2014
  • Claire has great quality items and always ships promptly. I would not hesitate to recommend her products to my friends. The hardest part is deciding which item to purchase.Suzanne Metcalf June 2014
  • Love how convenient her items are! Order was received quickly. Products received exceeded expectations. I am extremely satisfied.Stephanie East-Lawrence July 2014
  • The shirt and bracelet were both made with high quality materials. Very impressed. I absolutely love ICJUK. I will place many more orders in the future. Thank you for being a kick arse designer.Amy Valentine July 2014
  • Love them! We are all set for the concert tomorrow!!!! Overall experience was great! I love your designs!!! Thanks Claire Jane!!!!Alison Callaway July 2014
  • Every time i purchase from Claire Jane I am very happy. All her products are very well made.Kim Breegle July 2014
  • The order was received quickly, products exceeded my expectations and I am extremely satisfied with my ICJUK experience.Cheryl Speares July 2014
  • I received my order at the end of last week and wanted to let you know how happy I am with your beautiful work. Def Leppard holds a very special place in my heart. Hysteria was the very first album I bought on my own when I was 11. "Rocket" was the first song I ever loved - it wasn't influenced by what my parents or peers were listening to. It was all my own. They have been my favorite band ever since. I'm always on the hunt to find products that are unique with a bit of an elegant edge and I definitely hit the sweet spot with you. I had been looking for something to properly commemorate my love for the band (and for British rock in general) and I couldn't buy just one. I'm a fan for life!Alicia Porter July 2014
  • What started as me wanting to have a Skulls Galore shirt like Joe Elliott from Def Leppard (my favorite band, of course) has led to a near addiction to ICJUK!  Claire Jane's designs are elegantly edgy.  Her hoodies, tees and tanks are the best fitting shirts I own.  They are the highest quality and come out of the wash looking as good as the first day of wearing them.  Claire Jane proves that personal customer service is still very much alive.  She has promptly answered all my questions.  She even sent measurements when I was unsure what size I would need.  She includes fun surprises with your order, too! Claire Jane is generous, gracious, kind and super-stylish.  So, if you are thinking of purchasing an ICJUK design...think no more and place your order!!! Thank you, Claire Jane, for making me feel like a rock star.  You are the best! :) Angela July 2014
  • I love my new shirt, and it's the perfect fit! Thank you so much! I also want to thank you for a headband you sent me as a freebie awhile back - it's black with a flower of black netting and a dark bead in the middle of the flower. I LOVE headbands, but they usually hurt my head and give me a headache. This one is PERFECT - I wore it yesterday with the t-shirt. Lots of compliments, and no pain! You're the BEST, Claire Jane!Annette July 2014
  • Good Afternoon Miss Claire: I love the new website. Easy to navigate and love that you can see all NEW items in one click. I am always checking for new items I can't live without. Thank you again for all the wonderful designs. I received my order on Friday and love everything!! The bag is so darn cute so thank you for including that too. If you sell pillow covers I will definitely be purchasing some of those as well. I just placed another order but am thinking I should grab a few more scarves for friends ... and the cute tanks ... so much I want to buy. Have a great day! :) xoxoKara July 2014
  • Got my new bracelet AND some surprises too!!  I'm a happy girl as always with my new ICJUK purchases!  Claire Jane NEVER disappoints!  Thank you sooo much for the special surprises!!  You Rock!!!!Sherry
  • I just received the new design, "It's Only R & R tshirt & I love it so much. It's my new, favorite design. The material is light & stretchy, true to size. Shopping with Claire is always a pleasurable experience! She wraps everything, includes extra goodies & no one ships faster than ICJUK. All of her products are of the highest quality! Thanks again!Donna Bristow July 2014
  • I've always had a very positive experience with Love the products, great designs for a great value!! I always receive the order very quickly. I appreciate everything about!! Thanks!!!!Julie Buehner August 2014
  • I LOVE my @ICJUK @def_leppard #ItsOnlyRockNRoll with crystals #ICJUKTee PLUS sweet goodies! THANK YOU, Claire Jane!Lisa
  • Love the tank top and she threw in a free pair of earrings to match! Will definitely buy again!!Darla Sloan August 2014
  • Great products and excellent serviceMaripat Biles August 2014
  • What can i say? ICJUK is the best online international company i have ever dealt with. Such a fantastic online experience and my order was dispatched and received within 3 days! I loved my items and the quality is excellent. Thank you so much and i cannot wait to place my next order! You all rock!!!Linda Hughes August 2014
  • Beautiful shirt. I love it very soft perfect sleeve length. Great shopping experience. All questions answered fast.Diane Lenosky August 2014
  • I truly do love the products. The service is fast and if there iare any questions, they are quick to answer and offer suggestions. I am a big fan and will continue purchasing from this site. Who knows, if I go to the Def Leppard residency in LV ( hoping 2015) I may stop by the actual shop! Keep up the awesome work! You have a devoted client in Chicago!Alma Abarca August 2014
  • Phenomenal!! Incredibly fast delivery! Love everything..scarves, tee & tank...beautiful! Excellent experience! Definitely will purchase from again!Shanan Davidson-McCann August 2014
  • I received the Skulls Galore dolman and the black and white skull scarf -- and a very special surprise from Claire Jane! I received my order in time to wear my new shirt to the VA Beach Def Leppard/KISS concert -- and my friend posted my photo on ICJUK's Facebook page! Wonderful experience! Exceptional quality and service!! Thank you Claire Jane! I'll be back to order some additional items very soon!Gail Hale August 2014
  • I love shopping here and will do it again owner super nice and awesome product!!!Lisa Ford August 2014
  • Super fast delivery! Have never been disappointed with any of my purchases.Nicole Paul September 2014
  • I am always pleased with my shopping experience on ICJUK. I receive my order in a timely matter. Always very happy with my orders.Kim Breegle September 2014
  • The website is interesting and fun to look at. I come often to see what is new. Getting around the website is easy. Checkout was very easy and smooth. No problems. I have placed several orders now and each one has come lightning fast. I am always amazed at how quickly I receive things. I have mostly ordered t-shirts and they are so soft and wonderful. The more you wash them the softer they seem to get. Very high quality. Love them!Vicki Greif September 2014
  • Great products, love choosing stuff from ICJUK. I love this website and order regularly and I always have had a good experience.Jane Rhodes September 2014
  • LOVE Always love all my things I have purchased. Get LOADS of compliments and love all of the things I have purchased XOXOR. Yvette Boyer September 2014
  • Great Experience!! Loved the personal touch with a personal note when package arrived!!Suzette Sasaoka September 2014
  • So easy, I ordered from my smart phone.Monica Patel September 2014
  • Customer service is top notch. Quality of the items are very good. Shipping is fast and reliable. My shopping experience has always been positive with ICJUK.Suzanne Metcalf September 2014
  • I just wanted to let you know my first ever order from you arrived safely from the States to the UK (Isle of Wight) today and I'm over the moon with my purchases! The Guitar Wings tank is the perfect fit and just so wonderful, and I love the skinny UJ scarf. Thank you so much for my free gift (stars/stripes scarf) and voucher for my next purchase....and there will be another purchase. Best wishes, Kelly xxKelly Hodgson September 2014
  • Just got my new order! Sooo cute! Thanks so much for the gift, I LOVE it! I will take pics of me rocking these. Next order will probably be skull scarf top! So many things I want. Thanks for your beautiful work!Krista Lebron September 2014
  • I ordered the ladies purple guitar wings baggy tee one with crystals one without. They are the most comfortable shirts I have ever had and the fabric is awesome! I also love the UJ skinny booty scarf. It is perfect for around the waist. I bought the ICJUK tote bag that I use all of the time and love the colors. The rock and roll heart rhinestone bracelet I love it and wear it often. Friends and family say, "Let me see that, is that British? It is so pretty or that is really cute or I really like that bracelet" I bought the ICJUK guitar wings crew neck and the Musicfest peace love rock black cotton tee also the UJ scarf for my husband. He really loves the designs how comfortable they are and the soft fabric. "He looks almost as good as Joe Elliott in them" He also gets complements on the shirts. Your designs are great and I love the fabric it is so very comfortable. It is awesome when I receive my order. It is put together so nice and personal. I really love the Def Leppard connection. How I found out about you was your link from Def Leppard's official web site. I can`t wait to receive my next order. Thank you Jennifer BerryJennifer Berry September 2014
  • I Love ICJUK style and personal attention every time I place an order, from the time I place the order until I receive it, its great. Thank you CJ!! Juan Crisantes PackageJuan Crisantes September 2014
  • I've received handbags, t-shirts, scarves, jewelry... my ICJUK products are always the HIGHEST quality and I'm always very pleased. I'd give my overall experience a +100!Barbara Martin September 2014
  • Spoke to Jane when I paid and I was so happy to speak to the Artist herself! This is my second order and I have been extremely happy with both!Rhonda Spence September 2014
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